Q: What is GVM?
A: GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) is the total combined carrying capacity of the trailer and load.
For example, a trailer rated at 1500kg, with a tare weight (empty weight) of 200kg can carry a 1300kg load.
Q: When do I need trailer brakes fitted?
A: You’ll find out all you need to know as to trailer brakes on the Government website. Please Click Here to follow the link.
Q: How do I know that my Compass Trailer will last?
A: Compass Trailers are designed and built for sustained, heavy duty usage. All trailers are manufactured to our own standard so you can be assured we take special care to ensure you receive the highest quality trailers. Hot-Dip Zinc Galvanize on all trailers, crates and Compass Ramps ensures they last. We have a Big Tough New Zealand Made 5 Year Warranty on all Compass Trailers (Terms & Conditions Apply).
Q: Why should I buy a Compass Trailer over against other brands?
A: Compass Trailers are built using formulas to ensure correct towing stability. While Compass Trailers may not be the cheapest on the market, they make no apologies for ensuring the serious trailer user can rely and depend on the product they manufacture. In fact, they firmly refuse to sacrifice quality for dollars. We know value is not all about price – it’s about quality, reliability, trust, safety, and commitment. Compass Trailers are Manufactured here in New Zealand. 
Q: I'd like to talk to someone and see the trailer before I purchase - can I do this?
A: Certainly, with Compass Trailer dealers situated throughout New Zealand, they will be happy to assist you. If you have something in mind – special build or something unique – no problem! We will be happy to assist. See our testimonials for what our customers have said.
Q: Can I easily get replacement parts if needed?
A: Compass Trailers have a full range of spare parts in stock – with only one phone call we can have them couriered out to you in New Zealand overnight.
Q: If there are no dealers local - how do I purchase?
A: Compass Trailers have made it particularly easy for clients living in remote places, simply pay by Direct Credit and we can ship directly to you.
Q: Will you custom build for me?
A: Absolutely, simply send us your plans and ideas and our expert design team will price this up for you.