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 “Because you are serious about lifetime investments”
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Our Mission ...
"Our mission is to share the load on your journey, we deliver safe transport equipment solution with the highest return on investment and safety compliance"
Our Vision ...

"To provide consistently safe and reliable solutions in an easy and painless manner"


Our Guarantee ...

Compass Trailers is committed to providing you ...

  • Quality –  Proven and tested products with peace-of-mind 5 year warranty*
  • Service – You will be respected as a number one customer.
  • Value – Highly qualified team always striving to evolve with your needs, you can invest with confidence.
  • Satisfaction – Focused on a long term relationship with you to our mutual advantage.
  • Experience – Over 65 years experience at your disposal.
  • Support – Unequalled technical support.
  • Integrity – People you can trust and long term stability.


  Excellence is our standard

*(Conditions apply see terms of trade)